We are Psychologists.  And at Psychological Testing Services, Inc., we are passionate about Helping clients find the right information and the Right professionals. We believe Psychological Testing is the best way to quickly understand problems that have kept clients stuck, and create a Road Map (Treatment Plan) to solve those problems. Clients often do not know how to understand the problems that keep them stuck, or where to turn for the right information. They are often confused as to what services they need.  We are also committed to Testing Psychologists by providing resources, practice management, education, and a way to connect the public with Expert Psychologists.  

Since 2003, our Network of Psychologists have evaluated over 10,000 clients worldwide.  Our Psychologists are Licensed, Credentialed and identified as Experts by their peers. We review each Psychologist to verify their licensing, insurance, history of ethical violations, and practice history. Additonally, we confirm their specialization and display reviews from past clients.  Once this is complete, they are then credentialled as a PsychTesting Psychologist, and then reviewed annually.



Our Mission is to provide the Public with the understanding and resources that will fundamentally change their lives. We believe Psychological Testing provides the answers to "What is the Problem?",  and "What do I need to do to get better?"   Experts provide an accurate diagnosis and help clients overcome challenges by developing specific recommendations. Psychological Testing creates the Road Map that will help clients know how to solve problems. 


To offer the highest level of expertise with a client centered approach to assessment. This is accomplished by using expert Psychologists within a consultation-style, client centered model.  This process will fundamentally change the lives of our clients through greater understanding and appropriate accommodations.


  • Integrity - We use Evidence-based testing and recommendations.  We work within our scope of Expertise. We provide recommendations based on Accurate Assessment.
  • Performance – We Anticipate the Needs and Exceed the Expectations of the Professionals and Customers that we work with.
  • Client Focus – Every client comes to us with needs and challenges that affect their life on a personal level. Often, they come to us in a moment of crisis. Our goal is to provide them with answers and resources that will fundamentally better their lives.  We will educate, guide, and work diligently to assess and advocate for our clients.
  • Teamwork – We work together in the best interests of our clients. This means that we use peer review and clinical support when needed. Our Providers will work with doctors, therapists, and other professionals in the best interest of our Clients.
  • Continuous Learning – We are focused on the training and development of our core asset, our Psychologists. We offer continuous education (CEUs) and resources for our Psychologists to become better professionals.





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