Step 1:  Find A Psychologist

  • Search your area, the specialty, age group, insurance, etc.  Evaluate our Psychologists for yourself.  
  • If you have questions, or need suggestions, please contact us.

Step 2:  Make an Appointment with the Psychologist

  • Once you have made a choice and feel Ready to move forward, call or send an email directly to the Psychologist
  • They will contact you, answer questions, and schedule your evaluation.
  • They will help determine the cost of the evaluation and finalize the consent and billing with you.

* Note about Payment: Some Psychologists do not take Insurance and Some Insurance companies do not pay for Testing. Read more here
* All of our psychologists are rigorously pre-screened before joining us. They have extensive prior experience in their specialty and provide proof of specialization, licensing, and any malpractice history. We do this, so you don't have to.
* Each of our providers has no history of disciplinary actions or ethical violations.

Step 3:  Psychological Testing is Performed.

  • You will meet with your Psychologist on the scheduled day and complete the evaluation. Click here to see what to expect on the day of testing.

Step 4:  Scoring and Report Writing

When testing is completed, the Psychologist will talk with parents, teachers, doctors, therapists, and others that have relevant information. They may send questionnaires out to these people.

  • Once all interviews and testing is completed, the Psychologist will do the work of scoring all tests and interpreting results.
  • They will determine the diagnosis and make recommendations.
  • The testing Psychologist will then write a report summarizing the results and recommendations.

Step 5:  Feedback

It is very important for the client to understand the results and recommendations. This is a therapeutic moment for the Psychologist to bring clarity for the Past, and Hope for the future.  An in-person meeting with the Psychologist is ideal. 

  • The Feedback meeting may also include the therapist, teachers (IEP team), and doctor.
  • The Psychologist may prefer to send the report or a letter to these individuals.    
  • Recommendations address: Diagnosis, Medications, Individual and Family Therapy, Academic Accommodations, Vocational development, Interpersonal development 

FAQs and Understanding the Process

For additional information on the process, and for answers to frequently asked questions on Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Disorders visit our Resources and FAQ page.


Watch LogoAll email and phone contacts are strictly confidential -- from beginning to end. We keep no records of any contact. 
We are available to discuss a case or assist in the process of finding an appropriate psychologist.


Professional Review Service

Professional Review of past or current testing are available by a Senior Psychologist is available if needed.

If you are a Client or a Professional (school, doctor, attorney) requiring a review, please contact us with your specific request, but do not send any HIPAA protected information, untill we have a contract in place.

PsychTesting Psychologists offer a professional, client-centered testing process performed by an Expert in a very timely manner.

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