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PsychTesting™ was developed to connect clients located anywhere with a network of trusted Psychologists that deliver reliable quality on a variety of specialized issues.  Our network extends throughout the world.  Because of the increasing need, we continue the search for well qualified professionals to join us.  We deliver a reliable standard in our reports and all reports are peer reviewed. The Psychologists that deliver clinical services and peer review are subcontractors for PsychTesting, Inc.  All billing is handled through the PsychTesting corporate office.   Psychologists are paid according to a pre-arranged fee schedule.  


PsychTesting receives a Referral -->
Contract is signed and payment is confirmed -->  
Connect the client with an an expert in our network -->
Testing and Report are completed -->
Upload to Psychtesting CRM -->
Peer Reviewers validates or requests changes -->
Back to Testing Psychologist -->
Report Finalized and uploaded to CRM for client to pickup -->  
Feedback with client is scheduled -->
Psychologist is compensated. 

We are seeking professionals who share our Vision and Values.  We are passionate about helping clients through Psychological Assessment and we separate ourselves as the premium providers that adds Quality Assurance.  

-- Peer Review for Quality Assurance.  Clinical Supervisors act as peer reviewers on every clinical report.  They are compensated separately for their independent opinion.   For reports, we require a standard format and protocol that we believe delivers the Best Practices in Psychological Testing.  
-- Client-Centered.  PsychTesting maintains a client-centered approach defined by promptness and responsiveness to our clients needs.  Our goal is to see a client within a month of a referral and have a written report within another two weeks.  We offer white glove service in terms of how our clients are treated. 
-- Ongoing Training.  For those that are credentialed contractors with Psych Testing, we wil provide training in our model, as well as access to online workshops and webinars that are approved for CEU credits by the APA in Ethics, Assessment, and other related topics for free or at a reduced rate. 
--  CRM.  PsychTesting uses a Client-Relationship Management (CRM) program called BestNotes. Psychologists manage clinical information, submits reports, and communicate with clients and supervisors using the CRM.  

We have found that despite professional standards in training, there is great disparity in the delivery of professional services and as a result - the reputation of Psychologists has suffered.  The variability in quality and service has been detrimental to the national brand of Psychological Testing by Psychologists.  As a result, our political lobby is weak, the public is ill-informed, and less qualified professionals now provide similar services.  In the past there has been great division amongst psychologists and psychological boards, but our hope is to help define the standard for Psychological Testing by Psychologists.  We believe that Doctoral-level Psychologists are uniquely qualified by through education, training, research, and clinical experience.  As such, PsychTesting is involved in the public and professional branding of Psychologists as the unique experts that deliver Psychological Testing.  We spend a great deal of resources promoting our profession and lobbying with politicians, health care organizations, and the public. 

We hope that you will join us. 
The first step is to create an account. You will be asked to share your educational history, expertise, license, insurance information and ethics history.   Once your file is complete, we will review your credentials and contact you.  
Contracts will then be signed which will govern the relationship between the Psychologist and the Corporation and the Fee Agreement.  It is noted that there is no requirement for exclusivity and we do not wish to interfere with your private practice opportunities. 

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